At Smartmobe : We built the strong relationship with our customers and clients by delivering the fully-fledged & quality assured product. We have all the expertise to make our development process transparent, delivering the excellence results and making our projects accountable. Smartmobe Oy always prioritize the client´s requirements, and we expect the different levels of control and responsibility in relationship with us.

How we work

Here's How We Do It


Concepting & Strategy

Firstly, we need to get a deeply understanding of what is to be build. Once we do it, we bring a structure to your idea with our research and analysis which helps to visualize the product vision and to plan the whole development process. We discuss several other things initially: Project Scope, Terms & Conditions, Success Criteria, Status Reporting Plans, Change Management Plan, Risk Management Plan etc.

Product & Idea Consultation
Requirement Analysis
App Vision & Strategy
Agreement Signing
Ballpark Estimation

Architecture & Prototyping

Our intuitive and scalable architectural design set the principles which shapes the mobile and web applications as per the project requirements. While wireframe and interactive prototype show you that how your app will be working before we event start the development and you can validate your whole concept and can bring some changes without investing huge amount on it.

Initial Architecture Design
Wireframes & Storyboards
Interactive Prototype
UI Design

Agile Development

We follow Agile Development Methodology so you can get the features into your app periodically (1, 2 or 4 weeks of iteration) and can release the app to the app stores with basic viable features first. On each iterative delivery, you test the app, give us feedback or suggest some changes and we as your technical partner recommend you whether new changes should be accepted immediately or on later stage. Regular retrospect help us to prevent the issues already faced in previous or earlier iterations.

Agile Team Formation
Iterative Delivery
Continuous Feedback
Change Acceptance
Retrospective Meeting

Application Releases

Through Alpha/Beta Testing, we get the feedback from you and your intended users about the app experience so we can improve the app before actually releasing it to the app stores or production servers. Adding your app to app stores right requires a lot of experience and professional knowledge - we will take of that for you.

Alpha/Beta Releases
App Stores Releases
Automated Testing

Support & Maintenance

As we work with you as a technology partner, it’s our aim to give you proper support for the maintenance of the app after release also. An app without updates will be less effective with the time and to avoid that we are eager to help you with your app evolving even after its release, by adding new functionalities and reacting on users’ and market feedback.

Continuous Support
Required Maintenance
App Upgradation

Our Cooperation Models

We understand that every customer is unique. So, aside from our core development and delivery approaches, we offer our clients to go along with hybrid cooperation models, customized to their specific needs. Let us know your business goals, and we’ll tailor a solution that works for you.

Fixed Project
  • Fixed Project and scope
  • SmartMobe own the risks
  • Fixed Project and scope
Dedicated Team
  • Project knowledge kept inside the team
  • Highly scalable resources
  • Fixed budget and predictable time frame
Time and Material
  • Agile to meet changing requirements and budgets
  • Adjustable scope, cost and time line
  • Actual project cost can be lower than the fixed price
Extended Team
  • Fully dedicated technology experts
  • Flexible team built to your requirements
  • Transparent and predictable budget

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